Signs of Fate. Season 3
Signs of Fate. Season 3

Signs of Fate. Season 3

The real history which takes the beginning in 2002 is put in a basis of the subject line of a TV series. Romanov Ivan the best inspector of city Department of Internal Affairs then was gone. Its searches didn't give any results therefore it officially enlisted in the list of missing persons under unusual circumstances. It still had fine daughter by name of Elena. It perfectly well finished Ministry of Internal Affairs academy. The girl sacredly believes that her father is still live that it in trouble and to it the help is necessary. It is arranged to work in one of special investigatory departments to continue searches of the gone father. She starts to go in for this history which long ago already all forgot. To the aid of the girl some of her colleagues come: Klimov Evgeny, Sazhin Anton and Sazonov Andrey. Together at them it turns out to open even the most confused and, apparently, hopeless crimes. Elena uses some checked and exact methods for investigation of crimes. First of all, she carries out the analysis of dactyloscopy and verifies fingerprints. These two methods allow to define without effort, whether the detainee is involved in this crime and as to build a chain of actions which occurred at the moment of a crime. Employees and don't forget about search of proofs.

Still when the father of the main character was absolutely young, to it any counter Gipsy told that if it will send the future daughter to militia, it will bring it trouble. When the prediction started to come true, Lena reflected. And after all it is possible to use chiromancy and in investigations of crimes. After all if lines on a palm really speak about human life very much, on them with ease it will be possible to learn a crime picture, to go on the correct way in respect of search and thus, to accelerate investigation process. Memories of the Gipsy forced Lena to be fond chiromancy. The girl plunges into this strange method and slowly starts to understand it. She wants to find answers to a set of the questions. Whether will show these lines character of the person and whether can show his future actions? Whether really fatal signs are printed on palms human? At first, colleagues laugh at Elena and over her method of investigation. However, when she starts to receive really valuable and necessary information, thereby helping to solve a crime, to it the respect comes back. The girl doesn't forget about business of the father for a minute. It everything steals up to the answer to the most important question closer and closer, where and under what circumstances her father was gone?

Liliya Burkova
Liliya Burkova
Alexandr Mironov
Alexandr Mironov
Rostislav Bershauer
Rostislav Bershauer

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About the project
TV film
LLC PPK by request of JSC TV Chanel NTV
Production director
Valery Myznikov, Mikhail Zhernevsky, Sergey Holodny, Alexey Kitaytsev, Oleg Doska
Director of photography
Oleg Rakov
Alexey Chupov, Alexander Kulikov, Anton Antonov, Vladimir Batrameev, Denis Blinkov, Maria Galperiya, Alexander Zhukov, Mikhail Kolodinsky, Alexander Kulikov, Larissa Leonenko, Dmitry Lomov, Tatyana Matyushonok, Evgenia Sokolovskaya, Evgeny Harkhardin
Yury Shalimov, Mikhail Anisimov, , Elmira Aynulova, Maria Zhuromskaya
All actors
Lilia Burkova, Alexander Mironov , Nikolay Serdtsev, Rostislav Bershauer, Alexander Kasatkin, Diana Korss, Paulina Kochepasova, Irina Krutik, Elizabeth Kyubler, Sergey Lobyntsev, Dmitry Naumov, Olga Yurasova, Valeria Prikhodchenko, Irina Karev, Elena Rostotskaya, Alexey Anikin, Vlad Kanopka, Vladimir Yakovlev, Sergey Kholmogorov, Alexey Belous, Tatyana Monakhova, Alexey Samolyotov
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