The Golovlyov Family
The Golovlyov Family

The Golovlyov Family

Screen version of the novel of M. E. Saltykov - Shedrin of " Gospoda Golovlyovi ". In the center of events – Iudushki Golovlyov's figure through which prism the history of relationship, withering and, at last, crash of all family Golovlyovi is traced. It is possible to call Saltykov - Shedrin, perhaps, the most underestimated classic of Russian literature. His creativity always stood independently, without being entered in any currents, criteria and a framework. Perhaps, for this reason also the cinema tried to avoid this writer. Cinematographers, for more than century history of cinema, it is possible to count number of addresses to Saltykov - Shedrin on fingers. Meanwhile, as any classic of Russian literature, the writer is absolutely not obsolete. More than that, Saltykov - Shedrin became improbably actual and modern today.

We decided to return attention of mass audience to unfairly bypassed writer the screen version of the novel of "Lord Golovlyova". This difficult, deep and, at first sight, not "cinematic" work is capable to set thinking and comprehend everyone own existence. Certainly, it is impossible to transfer on the screen all novel literally. But if the viewer after viewing of the film has a desire to take in hands Saltykov – Shedrin’s book, we will consider that our efforts aren't spent by gift.


Denis Sukhanov
Denis Sukhanov
Lyudmila Polyakova
Lyudmila Polyakova
Polina Agureeva
Polina Agureeva

All actors
About the project
TV feature film
Screen version of Saltykov-Schedrin's novel «Gospoda Golovlyovi»
«Production center «Cinema Production» LLC by request from «LLC Kinoprogramma «XXI Century»
Production director
Alexander Yerofeev
Director of photography
Nikita Semyonov
Art director
Valery Semenov
Alexandera Yerofeeva, Alena Glazova
Peter Klimov
Vladimir Esinov, Elmira Aynulova, Maria Zhuromskaya
All actors
Denis Sukhanov, Lyudmila Polyakova, Paulina Agureeva, Paulina Nechitaylo, Nadejda Bakhtina, Evgeny Valts, Sergey Girin, Vyacheslav Ganenko, Andrey Vasilyev
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