Front Moscow. History of Victory

Front Moscow. History of Victory

Front Moscow. History of Victory

Alexey KILICHENKOV (Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor in RGGU)

Natalia NAROCHNIZKAYA (Doctor of Historical Sciences, Head of «Fund of historical perspective», Head of «The European institute of democracy and cooperation» in Paris)

Natalia BASOVSKAYA (Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Head of General history faculty at Historical and archival institute of RGGU , Head of educational and scientific «Center of visual anthropology and ego-history»)

Stepan MIKOYAN (Hero of the Soviet Union, lieutenant general of aircraft, veteran of the Great Patriotic War)

Sergey PRISHEPA (senior scientific officer of «The state Borodino military and historical memorial estate»)

Vyacheslav NIKONOV (äDoctor of Historical Sciences, Head of «Politika» Fund, Member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation)

Vladimir MEDINSKIY (Doctor of Political Sciences, professor in MGIMO, State Duma of the Russian Federation deputy)

Alexey ISAEV (military historian) 

About the project

The main idea of this TV cycle consists in informing the viewer about the background and the maintenance of key events of history of defense of Moscow. The remains witnesses and participants of these events are quite few, hence it is more difficult to realize all the tragic elements and the battle value of the defense of Moscow especially for the young generation.

The TV cycle tells about the events starting from August 1939 and opening preconditions of tragic events on June 22, 1941, the chronology and exact schemes of approach of the German army, data on a ratio of forces of Red Army and its opponent are given in the most important battles of 1941, losses of both parties in the Moscow defense battle are specified. Special attention is driven to strategy and tactics of German and Soviet armies, the main fights and battles, comparative characteristics of the weapon of warring parties, guerrilla movement, life of people in front Moscow and many other things.

The technical embodiment became feature of a cycle of films: frames of the documentary chronicle and an actual format of the computer animation giving evident idea of actions of armies in these or those operations are organically combined. In the film inclusion of a military newsreel, interview to participants of defense of Moscow, archival materials, opinion and interview of the authoritative persons personifying today's Russia is used.

Ivan Zhidkov
Ivan Zhidkov

All actors
About the project
TV film
«Production center«Cinema Production»LLC
Production director
Sergey Sokolov
Director of photography
Ilya Boyko
Alexey Kilichenkov
Elmira Aynulova and Maria Zhuromskaya
Ivan Zhidkov
Alexander Gruzdev
All actors
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