Investigation of the crimes made by employees of law enforcement bodies, the special service - central administrative board of own safety is engaged. Their work precisely same, as well as at other "usual" policemen: data gathering, operative development, shadowing, wiretapping, interrogations of witnesses, excitation of criminal cases... With only one difference - employees of own safety work against the colleagues. Nobody loves them, of them only are afraid. They - publicly introduced in law-enforcement system of the country an alien element.

Some officers of own safety work in an atmosphere of constant mistrust and suspiciousness where each step needs to be counted and thought over from different directions, to operate as much as possible delicately and at the same time effectively. Their successes only increase a precipice between them and usual people in the form of. In such situation of total alienation of the colleague rally even more strongly, become the present command, without weak places...

Well-known examples of activity of service of own safety of law-enforcement bodies for which reconstruction we actively involved employees-veterans of operating services who were participants of events are put in a basis of a subject line of film. Besides for the first time in practice of an art television genre attempt of evident demonstration to spectators of system of the state protection of employees of bodies of police and their relatives is undertaken. The project is considered as the important way of formation at the widest spectator audience of real representation about work of service of own safety, and, the most important, - about the Russian police, as the central part of the law-enforcement system, capable to resist to modern criminal calls.


Semen Shkalikov
Semen Shkalikov
Darya Moroz
Darya Moroz
Sergei Ugryumov
Sergei Ugryumov
Andrey Sokolov
Andrey Sokolov

All actors


About the project
TV feature series
LLC Production Center «Cinema Production» by request of LLC «DT PRODUCTION»
Director of photography
Mikhail Milashin, Ilya Boyko
Aleksey Poyarkov, Mikhail Shulman
Executive producers
Elmira Aynulova, Mariya Zhuromskaya
Aleksey Moiseev, David Dishdishyan, Oleg Piganov
All actors
Semyon Shkalikov, Dariya Moroz, Sergey Ugrumov, Andrey Sokolov, Viktoria Tolstoganova, Sergey Gazarov, Mikhail Truhin, Timofey Tribunzev, Evgeniy Miller, Mikhail Efremov, Pavel Maykov, Sergey Chirkov, Aleksandr Robak, Elena Kutireva, Mikhail Chepurov, Pavel Abramenkov, Igor Litovkin, Aleksandr Polyakov, Daniil Semchenkov, Maksim Studenovskiy, Kirill Nagiev etc.
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